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I have no shame in admitting that I have smoked pot, the estimated use of pot in Canada is 2.3 million, so statistically I’d be there. I haven’t touched it in more than a decade because of the last time I did it I had a terrible experience, it wasn’t anxiety or hallucinating: I was sick to my stomach. I distinctly remember getting so sick that I just shut down and went to bed. That’s it, case closed, after that, I never touched it again.

189589_4562256551_988_n me. 2006. Big bowl of chips. Pre-Celiac Diagnosis.

This whole event happened four years before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and four years before I even knew what the world gluten was.

Before you get all stupid on me and start ranting that i think marijuana is a bad drug and only bad people do it and it’s illegal. Shut up. I have no…

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Upon returning to campus after winter break, many Duke undergraduates from Colorado have reported an unusual “friendliness,” from other students.

“I’ve gotten a lot of text messages from people I don’t really know that well asking about my plans for spring break,” junior and Denver native Mark Wells stated. “At first I was confused but then I just got really high with the weed that I brought back from Colorado and realized what a cool guy I am. Can you stand still for a second, bro?”

Senior Amy Cox, from Boulder, CO has been enjoying the attention. “People finally appreciate me for being me,” she reported while lighting her mid-afternoon joint. “I think people are finally starting to realize that this is my last semester on campus and this is their last chance to hang out with me. Everyone keeps asking me how much of the ‘good stuff’ I brought…

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