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5 Great Toking Spots

Stoned In Seattle

Environment is one of if not the key to having a great high. Pick the wrong spot, and you may of just set yourself up for a pretty lame high. Pick the right spot, and you might solve global warming, or at least appreciate that beautiful sunset.

Here are my 5 favorite toking spots:

  1. Sunset Cliffs – San Diego, California
  2. Deception Pass – Pass Island, Washington
  3. Marine Park – Bellingham, Washington
  4. Golden Gardens – Seattle, Washington
  5. My apartment – Location, Undisclosed

This is a list of my favorite places to light up, in several months, I’m sure I’ll have to update this.

What’s your favorite place to light up and partake in the herb? Comment below and tell me! I’d love to find some new toke spots!

Get high my fellow stoners,
Stoned In Seattle

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The Urban Daily

JHENE-AIKO-GQ Popular R&B singer Jhene Aiko has been grinding in the music industry for a long time. However, her time in the spotlight is just getting here. After gaining recognition for her it mixtapes, “Sailing Souls” and “Sail Out,” Aiko is about to drop her hotly anticipated album “Souled Out.” Besides her music, people keep admiring her beauty. One of those people is GQ Magazine . The “Bed Peace” songstress is featured in the May issue and talks about her new project, the type of man she’s into, and blowing down some weed. Did we mention homegirl did all of this in barely-there lingerie?


Jhene was forthright in her feature in the mag. When it came time to discuss the type of man she likes, she likes to cook and dean for her man. So him being high maintenance with a maid and all is a little much for her.

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Life as a TV Addict

I finished another show on Netflix! I watched “Weeds,” and it was really good. These Showtime shows I’ve been watching lately on Netflix are really impressing me. I watched the first episode of “Weeds” a while back and couldn’t get into it, but I rewatched it and got hooked. That happens sometimes for me for some reason.

Anyways, I watched 8 seasons of this show in a relatively short amount of time, and as I write this, I’m already in the second season of a new show I just started watching on Netflix.

A lot can happen in 8 seasons, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. The show started out with Nancy selling small amounts of weed in her small suburban town of Agrestic with her family and friends, and by the end of season 8, she owned weed coffee shops and lost a lot of people…

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Spacial Perception. Whoa. I’ve been sitting here pondering about a time that my spacial perception was altered, and I have to say, I’m having a hard time coming up with something. However, there was ONE time that I remember quite vividly. I didn’t want to have to resort to this experience, but I have to do it.

A long time ago in the land of post high school graduation and pre college days, there was a young gal named Jenna. She had just dumped her abusive boyfriend and was ready to experience what the world had to offer. At the time, her world was her theater friends that she had spent the last four months hanging out with on a daily basis. In Jenna’s high school, the drama student were known as the pot heads (I’m sure you can see where this is going now). Well, one summer night, a…

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Run the jewels fool. You know damn well. Back in the day you gave up your fat ass dookie gold chain to a thirsty crew of killas from uptown. El-P + Killer Mike = Winning

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Stoned In Seattle

I’m starting this blog because I realized that I like talking about weed, a lot, and what better way than on here.

I’ll be posting on everything having to do with weed. Smoking spots, smoking rigs, different strains, edibles, music, movies, you name it.

Really looking forward to all the blog posts but especially looking forward to meeting some dope stoners on here!

Hit me up on twitter!

Get high my fellow stoners,
Stoned In Seattle

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Blog of Eternal Stench

I USED TO SELL WEED . It’s a fairly profitable profession provided you are not a smoker yourself which means I made no profits. There were many characters I dispensed to but none like Robby. Robby had the singular distinction of being the first person that got me high when I was 13. He was 18 at the time, which made him seem like a veteran in the game. He had recently fallen into a sort of diet-rastafarianism with some dudes from Houston so his hair was a nappy pile of white-guy dreads I thought were awesome. Over the years, our roles reversed and I ended up being the purveyor of all things green and sticky. During this time, Robby would show up needing less and less quantity. In and of itself, this was not a big deal until the amounts he required became so miniscule it was annoying. He went…

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Dear Everyone,

Hey gang, Otto here to turn you up and then let you down. Weed is the most astounding invention ever made.  I believe that that is a bible quote.  So why is it illegal? I love it, you love it Gandi loved it (maybe) so what monster is bold enough to make it illegal? Dr. Dre.

What?! Is Otto out of his mind? Dr. Dre is trying to keep weed illegal? Of course he is kids! Wake up.  I’m not here to try and blow your asshole out with shocking information, I am here to wake you up to the truth.  Rappers don’t want the weed being legalized, what will they have to sing about? If weed becomes legalized they might as well rap about tylonal

Yeedin Yip Yip and shit,



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The Circle

burning the sweet leaf
passing it among themselves
enjoying freedom

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King Gluten Free

I have no shame in admitting that I have smoked pot, the estimated use of pot in Canada is 2.3 million, so statistically I’d be there. I haven’t touched it in more than a decade because of the last time I did it I had a terrible experience, it wasn’t anxiety or hallucinating: I was sick to my stomach. I distinctly remember getting so sick that I just shut down and went to bed. That’s it, case closed, after that, I never touched it again.

189589_4562256551_988_n me. 2006. Big bowl of chips. Pre-Celiac Diagnosis.

This whole event happened four years before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and four years before I even knew what the world gluten was.

Before you get all stupid on me and start ranting that i think marijuana is a bad drug and only bad people do it and it’s illegal. Shut up. I have no…

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Everyday starts off with a Bong hit, everyday ends with a bong hit and a cigarrete to charge that motherfucker up.

#thefirsttime ive been smoking weed since i was in the ninth grade. i was never into it back in the day. i never really enjoyed it so much before. infact it use to scare the hell out of me. also it was poorly judged by the public. stoners were said to be cheap and made fun of. My schoolmates and i decided to bunk school and smoke weed one day. i usually hung out with my seniors. they had planned everything. the weed,munchies,the location where we would meet and means of transport. my buddy had rolled a joint which was finished in a short while. so this wasnt everyones first time. it was just me. I was as high as an eagle! i couldnt stop laughing. and i didnt…

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JF Sports Press Journal

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would deem permitting NFL athletes to utilize marijuana to medicate concussions and other possible head injuries. Many players in the National Football League have discussed the option of using marijuana to reduce pain. Meanwhile, many players in the NFL smoke pot just for the satisfaction and sensation. The National Football League is allowing the utilization of marijuana. It's primary purpose is to reduce pain from injuries. The National Football League is allowing the utilization of marijuana. It’s primary purpose is to reduce pain from injuries.

New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie believes that the NFL should not abolish marijuana period. He told the NFL that even though if it was prohibited an not permitted to be associated, they would still ignore it and do it regardless. “We’re just going to do it anyway”, Cromartie stated.

Ryan Clark, Pittsburgh Steelers safety, a twelve year veteran in the NFL tweeted about the usage of marijuana in the league on February 6th. “I don’t smoke marijuana. I won’t…

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The president of Uruguay has been nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize

This one is fantastic news for all involved. From here:

According to his advocates, José “Pepe” Mujica’s much talked-about marijuana legalization is in fact “a tool for peace and understanding.”

For the second year in a row, the Drugs Peace Institute, which has supported Mujica’s marijuana legalization drive since 2012, insisting that the consumption of marijuana should be protected as a human right, has endorsed his candidacy, along with members of Mujica’s leftwing political party the Frente Amplio, the PlantaTuPlanta (Collective of Uruguayan growers) and the Latin American Coalition of Cannabis Activists (CLAC).

Despite an avalanche of global criticism, in late December Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalize the production and sale of the popular herbal drug. Under the new law, which comes into full effect in early April, Uruguayans will…

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Stoners like you and I get a lot of grief over our “hobby”, and it tends to get pretty fucking annoying if you ask me. It seems no matter what you try and tell you’re hater friend or parent, it always comes back to, “Well, its still illegal and bad for you.” They may have one thing right, that its technically illegal, but its not that bad for you. Anyway, due to the bad rep weed gets, in turn. we get a bad rep. So this one goes to all the haters out there. These are some famous stoners you may know.

colbertStephen Colbert– If you’ve seen the ‘Colbert Report’ on comedy central, you know who this man is. He smoked a ton of pot in high school, which is how he made a lot of friends by passing a bong and telling jokes.

Bill Gates– If you…

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me & my camden

Yeah, the driver is supposed to come at 3:45am to pick us up from our flat to take us to Gatwick (a smaller airport in London) to make our 6:10 flight to Amsterdam. It’s really dumb that I’m still up, but I couldn’t sleep and it’s too late to pop a melatonin, so hello! Everyone (aka like 2 people) has been up my butt for not blogging this week. Like, hey I’m busy here (not really) with work and school! Actually this week has been slow. Friday was Ministry of Sound which was awesome and a dream come true etc. We took the tube to the club at 11:45ish, and took the tube back home at 5:40am. That’s what you call a successful night. Saturday I drank way too much cider at a pub (Ed Westwick’s favorite in Camden….idk who he is I’m just quoting Emma), to the point that…

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97.9 The Box

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, “Bieber Bad A**” proves us wrong! Justin Beiber and his crew were smoking weed on the private jet headed to New Jersey. The smoke was so thick that the pilot had to use a gas mask just to breathe. But you’ll never believe this … Bieber’s dad was on the plane. SMDH  


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McChronalds $150 Glass Bong Give Away Contest.

Super simple to enter:

1.  Like McChronalds on

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Thats it!!!

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What's it Like?

It’s almost 1:30 in the morning, and even though I’m pretty sure school is canceled, I’m still playing chances and staying up late to write this post.

I’ve never done any kind of drug report/review before, so constructive (or just brutal) criticism is much appreciated.
…And technically, this isn’t a “drug” report at all, medical marijuana is well, medicine, but you get (I hope) what I’m talking about. Maybe not, I’m kind of hazy.

My face is currently getting melted off by an amazing top shelf Ogre indica and I’m still going strong with the blue dream hash. Take note: this concoction will leave you couch locked and hungry. But in the best way possible. I feel great; anxiety is minimal, I’m feeling verrrrry tired, which is rare of me because of my chronic insomnia. It’s a clear, but slightly hazy head high, and my body feels great. I’m…

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Underground Cannabis

In Puglia come in California? “Il consiglio regionale ha approvato all’unanimita’ la legge sul consumo di cannabis per il trattamento del dolore.Una delle giornate piu’ belle per la Puglia dei diritti e della dignita’. tra due giorni definiremo il parternariato e le procedure per chiedere al Ministero di poter avviare la sperimentazione della coltivazione di cannabis e l’uso sui pazienti”. Ecco lo stato di facebook pubblicato sul Profilo Ufficiale dell’Assessore Regionale alla Politiche della Salute e Welfare della Regione Puglia, Elena Gentile. Occorrerà attendere qualche giorno per notare se i semi gettati qualche anno fa da Nichi Vendola e dal Sel, permetteranno di concedere ai malati l’utilizzo di marijuana, a un costo accessibile. Se sarà un primo passo verso la legalizzazione a scopo ricreativo è tutto da vedere, ma senza dubbio i presupposti stanno comparendo.


Puglia, like California? “The regional council unanimously approved ‘the law on consumption of CANNABIS FOR THE…

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Yes. Weed is illegal, and yes alcohol is not. But which one is really worse? If you’re a stoner like me, you know the answer, but for some reason, most people just don’t get it. Might as well start with the obvious statistics.

Deaths from alcohol annually: 2,331…today.         Deaths from weed: 0…forever.

Car accidents from alcohol: 10,228 in 2010          Car accidents from weed: 0…forever (again)

alcohol vs weeedI know that last one about weed accidents may not seem true, but there is no compelling evidence that proves that marijuana inhibits driving abilities and motor skills as seriously as mild alcohol doses. If just those facts aren’t enough to convince, stop being ignorant, try both, and figure it out for yourself.

Alcohol inhibits brain function, delays response time, and basically makes you turn into a FUCKING DUMBASS. You never hear…

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