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Is Homosexuality Making Your Friends, Family, and Kids Gay?

The Bible tells us in Leviticus that it is an abomination to the LORD for a man to know another man (in the Biblical sense). I have come to the conclusion through months of reading and analyzing the scripture juxtaposed with various speeches made by Obama that our DEMOCRAT president is slowly infecting our youth with the scourge of homosexuality.

First, let’s take a closer look at the scripture in the pure, unadulterated King James Version translation of the WORD:

“Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”

Notice the use of the word lie later followed by abomination. Let’s sound it out: Uh-BOM-I-nay-shun. Perhaps it is simply the advanced mechanisms of my toned and adept brain, but I feel as if one can clearly pick out the Bible’s warning of a nation ruled by Obama, one who lies. These are, of course, merely the underlying meanings hidden for those who would…

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balloons head business man as success concept Researchers at Northwestern University looked into the relationship between casual marijuana use and brain changes. This study found that young adults who used marijuana even once or twice a week showed “significant abnormalities in two important brain structures” that affected a person’s working memory.

The casual use of marijuana can lead to the development of amotivational syndrome. People with this psychological condition can become less oriented towards their goals, lack purpose in life, and be less focused in general.

As I read this research I wondered: Do Christians, for whatever reason, suffer from amotivational syndrome? The work of George Barna may shed some light on this subject. He contrasted different types of Christians and among his work I found his comments on the Casual and the Captive “tribes” interesting.

Casual Christianity was defined as faith in moderation. This moderate form of Christianity allows a person to feel religious without making…

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Vipe Crew: The Blog

Medical marijuana is shown in a jar at The Joint Cooperative in Seattle

Over 100 marijuana-legalization advocates visited Washington to lobby lawmakers on the legalization of marijuana regardless of the increase of Americans supporting the legalization for medical purposes.

Is prohibiting the recreational usage of marijuana really doing anything positive for the nation? No! Marijuana prohibition is only hurting the country financially and physically.

Health Care in this country is expensive enough and the strongest argument for the legalization of marijuana is that it can be used for medicinal purposes. It can assist in treatment for many different diseases such as cancer, to help reduce vomiting and nausea during chemotherapy, glaucoma, to reduce pressure in the eye, and asthma, to aid in opening up the lungs. According to it’s a national organization for the reform of marijuana laws.

The more readily available this drug is the better it is for the population’s health and financial standing.

“I have glaucoma in my left…

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Vipe Crew: The Blog

This insanely hilarious marijuana policy discussion was featured on C-Span, although the video is fairly long there is a high degree of ignorance on the part of Deputy Director Michael Botticelli. Earl Blumenauer, democratic representative for Oregon’s, and his partner in crime Steve Cohen, democratic representative for Tennessee, embarrass the hell out of Botticelli and his refusal to admit that marijuana isn’t in the same category as heroin, cocaine and even tobacco.

At one point Cohen gets so frustrated at the fact that Botticelli refuses to admit that marijuana isn’t as lethal as Botticelli makes it out to be that he references Jack Nicholson’s famous line in the movie “A Few Good Men” #YouCan’tHandleTheTruth

It’s nice to know that there are a few people on our side but tell us what you think of this video in the comment box below.

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Marijuana Smoker

North Korea

North-korea Man Smoking Marijuana

You will be surprised of knowing this thing that marijuana or cannabis is not classified as a drug.Though Tobacco is considered as a drug and they don’t even consume it. The Only thing bad about this country is that they don’t welcome Visitor

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Foodforthethinkers's Blog

By Doug Newman – email me
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Credit: Tulsa World Credit: Tulsa World

Eight people face up to 40 years in federal prison for conspiring to grow MJ in Colorado and sell it in Oklahoma.

This is not “what you get when you legalize”. Rather, it is what you get when you criminalize a victimless offense.

It is not “just about getting stoned.” It is about reckless disregard for the Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Amendments. I don’t care if you have never hit the lettuce in your life. If these Amendments don’t apply to the defendants here, then they don’t apply to you either.

Don’t complain to me about Obamacare, the IRS, government schools, and all the other aspects of tyranny that you absolutely insist that…

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CNN Political Ticker

(CNN) — Republican Gov. Rick Scott of Florida said he would sign a bill that legalizes a limited strain of medical marijuana.

The state House passed the measure on Thursday, and the state Senate is expected to pass it on Friday, the last day of the legislative session. Both houses are controlled by Republicans.

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Yet another use for medical marijuana: pain relief for those with Multiple sclerosis. A new study found that sufferers who took a marijuana pill or used a spray experienced a reduction in some symptoms, such as spasticity (stiff muscles), pain from spasms, and pain from MS lesions, CNN reported.

Treatment by marijuana did not, however, relieve all symptoms. For example, it was not effective for tremors, sometimes a symptom of MS.

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease in which the body eats away at the myelin sheath of its nerve cells. Most common in women ages 20 to 40, symptoms are wide spread and inconsistent. They might disappear for months or longer and then return later in life. Sometimes, the patient loses basic motor functions and the ability to speak; other times, there is just a single attack and then a return to normal functioning, according to the Mayo Clinic…

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My Musical Memoir

I guess I missed the boat with the official 420 celebrations on Easter Sunday, but in true 420 fashion, I propose that you can celebrate 420 every lazy, sunny day when you’re under-employed.  I always thought the term 420 originated from the number of chemical compounds in a marijuana plant, but I guess the true story is a bit lamer.

So in honour of the intensive rhythmic head bobbing and arm-dancing that so often goes hand in hand with 420 gatherings, I present to you my latest 420 playlist.


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When it comes to grass there are a couple of sayings that ring true in my brain. For one, “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”, and two, “Let him who is without guilt cast the first stone”.

Why do we think grass is illegal in the first place. I’ll give you two views from my perspective.

For one, grass represents one of the most popular mind-altering substances on the planet. As a result it literally is the back bone….ahem, cash cow…..of the Nancy Reagan “War on Drugs” and subsequent “drug fighting” industry and job pool consisting of tens of thousands of jobs and elite positions. Oh, and a lot of funding.

Secondly, if allowed to suddenly become ‘legal’, what happens to all those lives that have been ruined because of 15 year jail sentences for possession of a plant that the government of the day couldn’t collect tax revenue…

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Scene By Gina

Left: Pablo Escobar, Right: 'El Chapo' Guzman, by Alexsandro Palombo Left: Pablo Escobar, Right: ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, by Alexsandro Palombo

Don’t freak out, it’s NOT an upcoming episode of The Simpsons featuring two of the most infamous drug kingpins in history; it’s art.

Italian artist Alexsandro Palombo debuted new work which features Simpsons’ patriarch, Homer Simpson, as notorious Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar, and recently arrested Sinaloa, Mexico, cartel boss, Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzman.

“Stop Drug War,” is Palombo’s effort to draw attention to both the drug war that has caused more than 60,000 deaths in Mexico alone, as well as the legalization of drugs, which has has become a popular topic after Uruguay became the first country in the world to legalize the production and sale of marijuana and two American states also decriminalized the drug.

One of the images depicts Homer, as Pablo Escobar, kneeling in front of the photographs of journalist and politician Luis Carlos Galán, journalist Guillermo Cano, lawyer and politician…

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In life were thrown curve balls, jump through hurdles and overcome obstacles. When it gets tough we need a friend to lean on. In a good friendship you learn how to love unconditionally and put someone besides yourself first. Not only do you learn to love another human being but you also learn to love yourself and everything around you. I honestly can say I love calling this women my best friend, in the past few years we’ve been through so much together. We have watched each other grow into impeccable people in which the world is not ready for. Its like were not friends anymore were family. I have truly enjoyed the past six to seven years and look forward to many more.

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Amish Baby Machine Pop Culture Podcast

Dags and Jeff Celebrate their 50th episode and reminisce about the first 49.  They guys discuss the new Godzilla movie and potential other monsters that could be featured in the movie.  Jeff nerds out about rockets.  The naming convention for strains of weed has gotten too complicated.  Pizza rolls are yummy.  And the 80s song of the day.

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Bay Area 4 Barstool


KRON 4 – 81 pounds of marijuana was confiscated at Oakland International Airport on Friday, according to airport officials.

The Transportation Security Administration found the marijuana inside the luggage of a 26-year-old female passenger.

The woman was flying to Jackson, Mississippi via Phoenix and Dallas.

TSA officials notified the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office of the find, who later took possession of the marijuana.

The female passenger was arrested on criminal charges.

Oakland, much like San Francisco, reeks of weed. It’s inescapable as far as the nose can smell. Every street corner, every mall, everywhere. However, problem with this woman is that she was one flight too much to get to her destination. Sketchy as fuck. Sure Oakland might not have a direct flight to Jackson, but they do have one to Dallas. Plus two checked bags? Would love to see what this woman was wearing to get busted too, something…

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It’s OK to sell pot in Colorado, but there’s still nowhere but the mattress to legally stash the proceeds.

That’s the continuing problem for legal marijuana dealers in the state, who are caught between the state’s legalization of cannabis and federal laws that still classify it as a controlled substance.

Colorado had been crafting a plan to address the issue, but the proposed law was scotched late Thursday. It would have allowed state-licensed marijuana businesses, which can’t legally access the regular banking system, to create a financial co-op, something akin to an uninsured credit union.

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