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So how do you get away with smoking in any location? Well its really quite simple. All you have to do is ask one simple question and let psychology do its work. This is gold dust of information.

The trick is to ask: “Is it cool if I smoke here”

By saying no they will seem uncool, and who would want to do that eh? loool

So I met a genius yesterday who taught me many things. Two things stick out in my mind.

The sure fire way to find out if someone smokes, and to find out what they smoke. There is a simple test. All you have to do is ask them this really simple question and you will figure it out. The question you have to ask is: “Do you smoke?”

if their answer is:

a) “No” – they dont smoke at all

b) “Yes” – they only smoke fags

c) “Smoke what” – that means they are stoners

I want to tell you all about one of the craziest and trippiest things I found on YouTube. I was round my friend’s dorm room one time, and we were smoking up and watching YouTube videos. When all of a sudden my friend got excited and wanted to show me something funny. So he took me to the following YouTube video, (called innocence by Nero):

I sat there and watch the whole thing.

Then he took me to the following link:

So what this thingy does is split the sound and the picture because they aren’t actually linked apparently, and separates them. So the sound plays as normal in the background. But the picture is cut into smaller squares, with each square emitting the picture a micro second after the other, creating a kaleidoscope of colors and trippy images, as the song or sound plays in the background.

It can work with any YouTube video URL, and can make watching some YouTube videos much more enjoyable.

A few of my favorite videos:


A few links to sites that can explain it better than me.




Gap-year students are more likely to have smoked cannabis by the age of 16 than those who go straight to college, government-funded research suggests.

A team from the Centre for Analysis of Youth Transitions studied data on 16,000 people born in 1989-90.

Fewer than 20% of those who went straight to university had smoked cannabis by the age of 16, compared with 30% of the gap-year students.

The latter “are more likely to engage in risky behaviours”, says the report.

The study, Gap-year takers: Uptake, trends and long term outcomes, looked at data from two longitudinal studies of two groups of young people – one who would have been eligible to start higher education in 2008-9 and another born in a particular week in April 1970.

The researchers assessed the intentions, activities and characteristics of a recent group of gap-year takers and analysed the long-term effects of deferring higher education, particularly on earnings.

The study found gap-year takers in the younger group were likely to come from wealthier backgrounds and better performing schools than those who went straight to university.

However the study also found they tended to have less belief in their own abilities, were less likely to think they had control over their lives and were more likely to have engaged in risky behaviours.

‘Former truants’

The report says just over 10% of the students who went straight to university admitted to playing truant before they were 16, but that figure rises to some 20% of those who took a gap year. The figure for those who did not go to university was above 30%.

The researchers found little difference in exam results between those who went straight to university and those who did not, but detected “some evidence that those who go straight to university are more likely to have studied science, technology, maths and science subjects at AS- and A-level”.

The researchers defined two main types of gap-year takers.

  • One plans to take a gap year, accepts a place at university before leaving school, gets better exam results, is more likely to go travelling, comes from a wealthier background and is more likely to take up their university place.
  • The other is less likely to have planned a gap year, did not apply for university while at school, is more likely to have worked or continued in full-time education during their gap year and is less likely to have gone to university in the end. They are also less likely to be from a wealthy background than the first group but are still significantly better off than non-students.

Some 12% of those who planned to take a gap year primarily intended to work abroad. Some 80% who took gap years reported earning money in Britain at some point. Some 60% described work as their main activity, while only about 4% described voluntary work as their main activity.

Data from the older group of individuals who had taken a gap year showed that on average they earned less in their 20s than those who had not. This effect was smaller but still persisted when the individuals were questioned again in their 30s.

The researchers suggest that this may simply be because gap-year takers have fewer years after graduation “to reap the returns of the investment” in higher education.

The study was funded by the Department for Education.

This month, two US states voted to legalise, regulate and tax marijuana. From advertising and marketing to drugged-driving enforcement, we ask what’s ahead.

The 6 November votes in Colorado and Washington left a lot of marijuana users happy and a lot of police officers nervous. And they set the two states up for a confrontation with the federal government, as marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug in the US. Legalisation advocates say the recent votes mark the beginning of the end of the drug’s prohibition.

“It’s a tipping point for sure,” says Sanho Tree, director of the drug policy project at the Institute for Policy Studies.

“If these two states go ahead and legalise recreational use and the sky hasn’t fallen, that opens up more political space.”

But authorities are wary.

“The Colorado chiefs of police are incredibly concerned with regard to public safety as a whole,” says Chief John Jackson of the Greenwood Village police department, and legislative chair of the Colorado Association of Chief of Police.

Nearly 80 years after the US ended the prohibition of alcohol, we aim to answer just a few of the questions raised by the movement.


How will retailers and growers market and advertise marijuana?

The laws forbid under-21s from possessing marijuana, and Washington bars marijuana adverts from within 1,000 ft (305m) of schools, playgrounds, parks and other places children gather.

To the uninitiated, different kinds of marijuana look and smell pretty much the same and when smoked, have more or less the same effect. Once it becomes a legal consumer product, how can Washington and Colorado companies in the marijuana business build brand identity and expand their market?

“Whether it’s socks or weed the first thing you have to do is look at who’s your target,” says Rahul Panchal, an advertising creative director in New York.

Panchal says the core market is well established: “Mid-twenties stoner guys”. Those people are already comfortable smoking marijuana and are happy to buy it with minimal packaging or advertising effort.

Successful marijuana entrepreneurs will try to expand that market, for example by tapping into existing subcultures or identity groups, for example outdoors enthusiasts, health-conscious suburbanites or stressed out professionals.

An enterprising grower or retailer could develop a premium marijuana brand using high-design packaging to project an aura of exclusivity.

“Gold leaf, black background,” imagines Peter Corbett, chief executive officer of iStrategyLabs, a Washington digital marketing and advertising agency.

“The packaging has a matte finish, so it’s tactile and feels expensive. It would never come in a plastic bag – it comes in a linen sack.”

Entrepreneurs in search of big profits should look at the dairy industry, says Panchal.

“The lowest margin is to just sell milk,” he says, while the real money is in processed products like cheese and yogurt.

“I would sell pot products: cookies, brownies and such. That’s where the money’s going to be.”

Can your boss still make you take a drug test?

An evening joint around a camp fire in Colorado, though perfectly legal in that state, could still threaten your job, because the new Colorado law specifically lets employers forbid marijuana use among workers.

“This isn’t forcing any kind of change,” says Mason Tvert, co-director of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol, which advocated for the Colorado initiative.

Washington’s law does not specify either way.

But workplace drug testing is already on the decline, says Lewis Maltby of the National Workrights Institute.

He and Tvert predict employers in Colorado and Washington will now be even less inclined to test employees or prospective hires.

Most drug testing, including pre-employment screening, is based on the perception that off-duty drug use among workers is bad for business, not on hard evidence, Maltby says.

Most people who fail workplace drug tests are what he calls “Saturday night pot smokers”, not people who smoke before work and are simply unable to get the job done.

“Since it was fear that drove the testing in the first place, when marijuana becomes less scary a few less employers will test,” he says.

How can police officers prevent drugged driving?

Both state referenda forbid driving while under the influence of marijuana.

But a driver can have marijuana in his blood and not necessarily be too stoned to drive, since marijuana remains detectable in the body days and even weeks after use.

The Washington law sets a threshold of five nanogrammes of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, per litre of blood, and Colorado’s legislature is expected to enact a similar threshold.

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich of Spokane County, Washington says officers who suspect a driver has smoked too much will have to summon a paramedic to draw blood for a test.

“How much of an added expense is that going to be to our agencies?” he asks.

Police have plenty of other ways to detect drug driving, says Chief Jackson: “I don’t need a toxicology test on the side of the roadway.”

If officers see motorists driving erratically, they can stop and interview them and ask them to perform field sobriety tests.

The encounter will likely be filmed from a dashboard camera. If the officer believes a driver is impaired, the officer will make an arrest and later testify in court, Chief Jackson says.

“You don’t need breathalyser tests to convict drunk driving,” he says. “People refuse to blow all the time but we still convict them in the state of Colorado.”

The US once prohibited alcohol. Do these laws portend the nationwide end to marijuana prohibition?

Daniel Okrent, author of Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition, sees two parallels between today’s legal and cultural marijuana environment and the late 1920s and early ’30s when the move to end America’s experiment with prohibition of alcohol gained steam.

Prohibition of alcohol, which took effect nationwide in 1920 after the passage of a constitutional amendment, utterly failed to keep Americans from drinking alcohol. Instead, it enriched criminal “bootleggers” and starved the government of tax revenue.

Similarly, Americans have stubbornly resisted millions of dollars spent on anti-drug education. Despite decades of law enforcement efforts, marijuana remains widely available just about everywhere.

In 2002, 6.2% of Americans over the age of 11 reported using marijuana within the past month, according to a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration study. By 2011 that figure had risen to 7%.

The public rhetoric in today’s marijuana legalisation movement takes the same tone as anti-temperance forces in the mid- to late-1920s, says Okrent.

“It’s not ‘we want to have fun and give us our freedom’,” he says. “There’s a sense it’s not working, it’s enriching criminal syndicates, it’s establishing a hypocritical view of law enforcement and let’s be honest with ourselves.”

Today, as in the last years of prohibition, state, local and federal governments are desperate for tax revenue, he says.

One major difference between then and now: alcohol and drinking had long been ubiquitous in American life, from sacramental wine at mass, in Jewish rites, and at the dinner table, to beer at the pub and spirits made in backwoods distilleries.

Marijuana, meanwhile, is a relative newcomer to mass American culture and is not deeply ingrained. Many, if not most, Americans still frown on it.

Nevertheless, since election day, lawmakers in at least two more states – Maine and Rhode Island – have promised to introduce marijuana legalisation laws.

Will people stop distinguishing between “recreational use” and “medical use” of marijuana?

Neither the Washington nor the Colorado laws refer to recreation, but the media uses the term to distinguish the new movement from medical marijuana legal in at least 16 states. Yet no-one talks about “recreational use” of beer, wine and spirits.

Some people use marijuana aside from a desire to have a good time: to relax, in a religious rite, to spark creativity, to feed an addiction. Others insist it has medicinal benefits.

In some states medical marijuana is tightly controlled, but in California, it is widely viewed as a farce.

Just about anyone – even BBC correspondents – can get a marijuana prescription by paying a fee to a doctor and taking a minimal walk-in examination. In other states rules are stricter.

In the 1920s, during prohibition, Americans could pay a doctor to write a prescription for a weekly allotment of whisky, to be dispensed by a pharmacy, says Okrent, the prohibition scholar.

“It was an equally dishonest racket,” he says. “There’s a very clear parallel.”

Grinders Nd Roach

Grinders Nd Roach

Annual Tube Run

Hello and welcome to the Tube Run. We do innovative and crazy stunts, races and more to raise money for charity. Help us make a difference. We have many exciting challenges coming up. But for now the focus will be on our first major event, “The London Underground Challenge

Please support our cause and give generously & take part in The Annual Tube Run.


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Here at Weed World we offer a large range of feminised cannabis seeds and regular cannabis seeds (marijuana seeds). We have selected our cannabis seeds based on their genetics and popularity around the world.
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The Three Finger Roll

I met a guy who rolled a joint for me 3 finger style, pics included. Enjoy

Tulip Double Shift

After a long ass day,  doing a double shift at work, my friends idea of a suprise awaited me, enjoy, i sure did:

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One upon a time two leprechauns and a kingmaker had a pet horse that produced a rare magic potion. The potion was very valuable. The leprechauns were very, very rich and the kingmaker while not rich was very powerful.
The kingmaker wanted to be king above all else, so with the help of the leprechauns he hatched a plan to take control of the castle where he worked. But the kingmaker needing some money tried to take the magic potion for himself. The leprechauns were furious. ”Why would our friend, the kingmaker, do this to us”, they asked at the castle where the kingmaker worked. This made the kingmaker very nervous because though he had many friends at the castle, the leprechauns were making life uncomfortable for everyone.
Dejected and forlorn, the kingmaker took to wandering the hallowed turf of the place known as the Theatre Of Dreams hoping that this wondrous amphitheatre could inspire a solution to the woes that had befallen him. On one such day, his ruminations were suddenly interrupted by a strange hissing sound. Turning, the kingmaker beheld a ghastly creature dressed in a wool coat.
Slithering over, the snake-life creature asked: “Can I be of assistance to you, kingmaker? I am a friend of the moneylenders.”
“Ye can fuck right off outa tha, ye slug thing. I say nay to debt”, replied the Kingmaker politely.
“But I can provide you with something far more valuable than the magic potion. I can make you a King one day. You don’t need the magic potion to own a bit of the great castle.”
“Yae can in yar fucken hole! Yae have no more money than mae, yae cuntish looking thing. Away with yea or I’ll boot yae in yar slimeballs.”
“But you don’t need money today to own a big stake in the future if you use the Power of the Leverage today. You only need to do two things: Continue to do your good work at the castle and, more importantly, you must defend me against the people of the land when they hear of me and the moneylenders. They will be furious and they will try to storm the castle as it is they who will pay the moneylenders while I own the castle. But one day part of that will be yours too.”
“An how can I bae sure to thrust yar spake an how much will be ma steak?”
“I need you and you need me, and for the rest we will use the Power of the Lawyers. I have done this before.”
The kingmaker looked beyond the viper to the great stand as yet unnamed in the mighty Theatre of dreams wondering if………………….

A quote by “annonymous”

The pride of Sudan. The only product that is made in Sudan that Sudanese people are proud of. Bringi is a Sudanese brand that rolls and processes cigarettes. They come 10 in a pack and are literally what makes the whole economy stay afloat. The amount of money spent on these cigarettes is crazy. Everybody smokes them, rich and poor, young and old. They are special requests whenever anyone mentions they are going to Sudan on holiday. They make the perfect gift. The thing that makes these Sudanese ciggarettes so special is the strength of them. They are quite strong, much stronger than Marlborough reds. So once you are used to such a heavy ciggarette such Bringi, nothing else will do.

Bringi cigarettes packs have such a distinct and unique personality you cant help but love them. The packaging is done in such a way that is different to any other pack. The first time i was given a pack of biringi i struggled to open it. Its not like a normal pack of cigarettes where you pull open the top and it revels the contents inside. This pack is made with one box inside the other. You haveto push from the bottom to move the inside box away from the outside box and revel the magical Bringi inside. They only come in one size, and each special and distinct pack houses 10 fags.

Another special thing about the sudanese economy and way of life is that convience is essential. Thats why most shops that sell goods, allow you to buy them as singles or as many as you want for that matter. A single Bringi cigarette cost you 20 sudanese piasters and a whole box would cost you 2 sudanese pounds. Obviously this was a few years ago, and this info is out of date, but with the current rate of inflation rising by the hour, any information i give will quickly go out of date.

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Super Keffee

So today was another interesting day. I met up with my boys at one of their houses for a little jam session. The funny thing is we each had a surprise waiting for the other. When we finally all go settled and opened up the surprises we were all fucking happy. Unknowingly we had each supplied the ingredients of what we decided to christen the supper keefe.

Supper Keeffe Blunt Wrap preparation:

One had brought blunt paper as his surprise. One had been thoughtful enough to have ensured it was his grinder that was used to grind one ounce worth of weed so he could capture all the keeffe so he supplied a blunts worth. The third had the good fortune to have a bit of the apparently best hash in the world, brought from India, made by kids running around naked in a cannabis crop to collect the pollen which is then rubbed off their bodies and collected, known as Charreesse (don’t know the spelling) Hash. So we then proceeded to roll all of our surprises together and we ended up with nice looking blunt wrap.

Finished result:

Rollers rights dictated the roller sparked up, and announced it was a three bun pass. So the roller took his lighter and lit up. After his second toke he started coughing up, and all we could do was burst out laghing. He then passed it to my other friend who started coughing after the first toke. He took another hit and passed me the joint. I hit it once inhaled deeply, then took another hit and started coughing. We have never coughed so much, and just sat there made fun of each other saying things like virgin lungs and were just chatting shit. That was a pretty strong smoke.

We were just lucky we think about the other when where out and about and are generous and thoughtful and think of getting each surprises.


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