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KRON 4 – 81 pounds of marijuana was confiscated at Oakland International Airport on Friday, according to airport officials.

The Transportation Security Administration found the marijuana inside the luggage of a 26-year-old female passenger.

The woman was flying to Jackson, Mississippi via Phoenix and Dallas.

TSA officials notified the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office of the find, who later took possession of the marijuana.

The female passenger was arrested on criminal charges.

Oakland, much like San Francisco, reeks of weed. It’s inescapable as far as the nose can smell. Every street corner, every mall, everywhere. However, problem with this woman is that she was one flight too much to get to her destination. Sketchy as fuck. Sure Oakland might not have a direct flight to Jackson, but they do have one to Dallas. Plus two checked bags? Would love to see what this woman was wearing to get busted too, something…

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