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The president of Uruguay has been nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize

This one is fantastic news for all involved. From here:

According to his advocates, José “Pepe” Mujica’s much talked-about marijuana legalization is in fact “a tool for peace and understanding.”

For the second year in a row, the Drugs Peace Institute, which has supported Mujica’s marijuana legalization drive since 2012, insisting that the consumption of marijuana should be protected as a human right, has endorsed his candidacy, along with members of Mujica’s leftwing political party the Frente Amplio, the PlantaTuPlanta (Collective of Uruguayan growers) and the Latin American Coalition of Cannabis Activists (CLAC).

Despite an avalanche of global criticism, in late December Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalize the production and sale of the popular herbal drug. Under the new law, which comes into full effect in early April, Uruguayans will…

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Stoners like you and I get a lot of grief over our “hobby”, and it tends to get pretty fucking annoying if you ask me. It seems no matter what you try and tell you’re hater friend or parent, it always comes back to, “Well, its still illegal and bad for you.” They may have one thing right, that its technically illegal, but its not that bad for you. Anyway, due to the bad rep weed gets, in turn. we get a bad rep. So this one goes to all the haters out there. These are some famous stoners you may know.

colbertStephen Colbert– If you’ve seen the ‘Colbert Report’ on comedy central, you know who this man is. He smoked a ton of pot in high school, which is how he made a lot of friends by passing a bong and telling jokes.

Bill Gates– If you…

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me & my camden

Yeah, the driver is supposed to come at 3:45am to pick us up from our flat to take us to Gatwick (a smaller airport in London) to make our 6:10 flight to Amsterdam. It’s really dumb that I’m still up, but I couldn’t sleep and it’s too late to pop a melatonin, so hello! Everyone (aka like 2 people) has been up my butt for not blogging this week. Like, hey I’m busy here (not really) with work and school! Actually this week has been slow. Friday was Ministry of Sound which was awesome and a dream come true etc. We took the tube to the club at 11:45ish, and took the tube back home at 5:40am. That’s what you call a successful night. Saturday I drank way too much cider at a pub (Ed Westwick’s favorite in Camden….idk who he is I’m just quoting Emma), to the point that…

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97.9 The Box

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, “Bieber Bad A**” proves us wrong! Justin Beiber and his crew were smoking weed on the private jet headed to New Jersey. The smoke was so thick that the pilot had to use a gas mask just to breathe. But you’ll never believe this … Bieber’s dad was on the plane. SMDH  


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McChronalds $150 Glass Bong Give Away Contest.

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What's it Like?

It’s almost 1:30 in the morning, and even though I’m pretty sure school is canceled, I’m still playing chances and staying up late to write this post.

I’ve never done any kind of drug report/review before, so constructive (or just brutal) criticism is much appreciated.
…And technically, this isn’t a “drug” report at all, medical marijuana is well, medicine, but you get (I hope) what I’m talking about. Maybe not, I’m kind of hazy.

My face is currently getting melted off by an amazing top shelf Ogre indica and I’m still going strong with the blue dream hash. Take note: this concoction will leave you couch locked and hungry. But in the best way possible. I feel great; anxiety is minimal, I’m feeling verrrrry tired, which is rare of me because of my chronic insomnia. It’s a clear, but slightly hazy head high, and my body feels great. I’m…

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