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Underground Cannabis

In Puglia come in California? “Il consiglio regionale ha approvato all’unanimita’ la legge sul consumo di cannabis per il trattamento del dolore.Una delle giornate piu’ belle per la Puglia dei diritti e della dignita’. tra due giorni definiremo il parternariato e le procedure per chiedere al Ministero di poter avviare la sperimentazione della coltivazione di cannabis e l’uso sui pazienti”. Ecco lo stato di facebook pubblicato sul Profilo Ufficiale dell’Assessore Regionale alla Politiche della Salute e Welfare della Regione Puglia, Elena Gentile. Occorrerà attendere qualche giorno per notare se i semi gettati qualche anno fa da Nichi Vendola e dal Sel, permetteranno di concedere ai malati l’utilizzo di marijuana, a un costo accessibile. Se sarà un primo passo verso la legalizzazione a scopo ricreativo è tutto da vedere, ma senza dubbio i presupposti stanno comparendo.


Puglia, like California? “The regional council unanimously approved ‘the law on consumption of CANNABIS FOR THE…

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Yes. Weed is illegal, and yes alcohol is not. But which one is really worse? If you’re a stoner like me, you know the answer, but for some reason, most people just don’t get it. Might as well start with the obvious statistics.

Deaths from alcohol annually: 2,331…today.         Deaths from weed: 0…forever.

Car accidents from alcohol: 10,228 in 2010          Car accidents from weed: 0…forever (again)

alcohol vs weeedI know that last one about weed accidents may not seem true, but there is no compelling evidence that proves that marijuana inhibits driving abilities and motor skills as seriously as mild alcohol doses. If just those facts aren’t enough to convince, stop being ignorant, try both, and figure it out for yourself.

Alcohol inhibits brain function, delays response time, and basically makes you turn into a FUCKING DUMBASS. You never hear…

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Talking About MaryJane

There are so many different aspects of the Marijuana argument out there to discuss. Topics that come to my mind at first are…..

-Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses

-Money $$$$

-Health Effects and Risks

-Effects of Legalization


-Gateway Drug?

-Side Effects

-Compared to Alcohol

-Drug Related Violence

and so many more to take into consideration! These topics are interwoven into one big debate, that is causing a plummeting cloud of smoke over America. (pun intended)

For this post, I’d like to consider some of the health benefits that marijuana has been claimed to provide. Take a look at these former NFL players view of the “drug.”

For more NFL interviews, visit and search, “marijuana HBO sports.”

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As the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks prepare to face off in the Super Bowl this Sunday, various politicians, organizations, and art institutions in the two cities have made friendly bets to show off their hometown pride. Here are some of the wagers that have been announced so far.

• If the Denver Broncos win, the Seattle Art Museum will lend a Native American mask that looks like a Seahawk (Forehead Mask – Nuxalk First Nation) to the Denver Art Museum. If the Seattle Seahawks win, the Denver Art Museum will lend Frederic Remington’s The Broncho Buster, a bronze cowboy riding a bucking horse, to the Seattle Art Museum. The loan will last three months, and the losing city will pay for all of the expenses.

Elaine Thompson / AP
Brennan Linsley / AP

• The Washington and Colorado chapters of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana…

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The Big Lead

Marshawn Lynch heads to Washington

Marshawn Lynch is a powerful running back for the Seattle Seahawks. A marijuana grower in Seattle has named a powerful strand of weed “Beast Mode” after Lynch. Apparently, marijuana is legal in Seattle and Denver. They might as well call the big game the “Super BOWL,” if you know what I mean. Anyway here are some details from the Seattle Times:

“It’s extremely strong,” said Nate “Diggity” Johnson, owner of the Queen Anne Cannabis Club.

The weed hits you like its namesake, he added. “Marshawn has gears when he’s running and it’s kind of like that. It has a little bit of a slow start and then kicks in.”

Like Lynch’s success in Seattle, the strain was a beautiful accident.

The group of growers that produced Beast Mode call themselves Zion Gardens. Johnson explained the growers came up with the name after cultivating a strain that was supposed to…

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The Weedicle

Upon returning to campus after winter break, many Duke undergraduates from Colorado have reported an unusual “friendliness,” from other students.

“I’ve gotten a lot of text messages from people I don’t really know that well asking about my plans for spring break,” junior and Denver native Mark Wells stated. “At first I was confused but then I just got really high with the weed that I brought back from Colorado and realized what a cool guy I am. Can you stand still for a second, bro?”

Senior Amy Cox, from Boulder, CO has been enjoying the attention. “People finally appreciate me for being me,” she reported while lighting her mid-afternoon joint. “I think people are finally starting to realize that this is my last semester on campus and this is their last chance to hang out with me. Everyone keeps asking me how much of the ‘good stuff’ I brought…

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Little Red Owl

Part One of Four


Charlotte and I were only going out for a month when those three short and overused words came from her mouth when we were laying on my bed after coming back from a friend’s house party.

Leaping into existence out of a content, alcohol-induced buzz, Charlotte confessed the age-old expression “I love you” and even with my deepest appreciation of her honest sincerity, nevertheless had a red flag pop up in my head. Instead of leaving it alone and responding with the same banal custom in order to continue on the crescendo of physical passion, I instead inquired as to how many times she had said that famous phrase. No, not to family or friends but in the context of her past intimate relationships. How many men in her twenty-eight year long life did she feel she honestly in the deepest meaning of the word,

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The Marijuana Evangelist

Let’s talk about the different strains of marijuana available today. There are basically two main marijuana strains that exist in the marketplace, Indica and sativa. Indica is known for a low level, lazy experience, whereas Indica is known for an energetic, exciting experience. These two different types of strains have been extremely popular in America throughout the last 40 years, and users have grown to know and love them as a go to substance for their smoking pleasures. It’s hard to find two different types of strains that don’t have some type of mixture with these two substances. You used to be able to find pure Indica are pure suttee the strains, but nowadays all of them are a mixture between the two due to excessive breeding. Some people claim to like the high-end sativa strains and others are avid supporters of the Indica type. Whichever marijuana strain you prefer…

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ManHands Soap!

What is it? Let me introduce you to a new kind of soap, ManHands Soap! It’s soap (it’s all in the name), for men! Nowadays men want to be a bit more masculine. Therefor, they invented this soap! Their hands smell like weed, urine, beer or bacon. It’s seems good for their male image…
Why is it cool? It’s cool because men want their masculine identity back..
Why has it future growth potential? It has future growth potential because the line between boys and girls is fading. But there is still a big group of man who want to stay manly. With this soap they can show their masculinity.

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Canning, crafts and…cannabis

Colorado’s Denver County is adding cannabis-themed contests to its 2014 summer fair. It’s the first time pot plants will stand alongside tomato plants and homemade jam in competition for a blue ribbon.

There won’t actually be any marijuana at the fairgrounds. The judging will be done off-site, with photos showing the winning entries. And a live joint-rolling contest will be done with oregano, not pot.

But county fair organizers say the marijuana categories will add a fun twist on Denver’s already-quirky county fair, which includes a drag queen pageant and a contest for dioramas made with Peeps candies…

The nine marijuana categories include live plants and clones, plus contests for marijuana-infused brownies and savory foods. Homemade bongs, homemade roach clips and clothing and fabric made with hemp round out the categories.

Judges will look only at plant quality, not the potency or quality of the drugs they…

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mr75bp random things

One day I got up from bed naked and scared wasn’t sure were I was but it was my home the bong and fuck books was beside the bed. Got up put my shit on ate some food jumped in the car drove down the street got some bud went to the store got some food.
Went home got high put some music on played some video games wasn’t getting anything on this sure shut it off. I thought my days as a man was over but what can you do pick up dust yourself off and keep going. So I got up went to the window to see the black night sky and I stared into the darkness and I felt nothing.
So I laid back smoked it up went to sleep listening to the rain outside.
Shit again
I’m a outsider love it hate it
Good bye for…

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Way Live Cartel


We can’t even imagine how much weed was smoked during the filming of this video. Smoke Dza and the smoker’s club gets together to drop off a new video for the Kush God’s track “Legends In The Making.” Harry Fraud on the beat.

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The Chicago Tribune reports:

Patients who want to qualify for medical marijuana in Illinois would have to be fingerprinted for a background check and pay $150 a year — and give up their right to own a gun, state officials proposed Tuesday.











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