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Betsy Woodruff went on The Cycle this afternoon to talk about her, let’s call it, interesting trip to last weekend’s Seattle Hempfest, and the state of marijuana decriminalization in Washington and across the country. “I think the odds of seeing legislation happen in Congress anytime soon regarding this is fairly slim,” she predicted, but that regulatory changes may “keep pace with what’s going on in the states.”

Make sure to check out her piece over on the homepage, “Quick Hits from Hempfest.”

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U.S. Marijuana Party of Illinois

Rev. Mary Spears explains the legalization vs. repeal initiatives and why REPEAL is the only way to proceed.


“I don’t want to fucking give this United States
government one fucking dollar of taxes…”
Jack Herer, “The Emperor of Hemp”, September 12th, 2009
(Portland Hempstalk Festival–his final speech.)


By ElectroPig Von Fökkengrüüven in Overgrow The World v2.0

The Fallacy of the “Legalize and Tax Cannabis” initiatives.

Overgrow The World

April 21, 2010

I have listened and understood the words of the late Jack Herer, and I am amazed how few people who say they believe in what Jack was saying truly understand the real reasons why he so horrified at the idea of creating new cannabis taxes. Let me explain quickly: THEY ARE NOT NEEDED AT ALL! As a matter of fact, nothing could be further from the truth!

Now I’m sure that many of you don’t…

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[ooyala code=”FrY3B3ZDoCdC00REy3_f2cumC5VPUSiu” player_id=”df513009265e4427aaf5f0342a75c90e”]
OXFORD, Miss. – In recent years there’s been a shift in the attitudes about marijuana, particularly for its medical benefits. Dr. Mahmoud ElSohly has been the director of the “Marijuana Project” at Ole Miss since 1981.

“We here at the University of Mississippi, are in the process of developing other products that could be used in developing it from the plant material that would have good biological activity, good therapeutic potential without having to smoke the drug,” he says.

Currently in the United States, marijuana is legal in some form for medical use only in several states and the District of Columbia.

However, Dr. ElSohly says legalization is not the way to go.

“People just use that as a way of having access to the drug, not really because they have a medical condition that can benefit from marijuana,” Dr. ElSohly says.

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Sykose Extreme Sports News

Border agents caught a scuba diver with 8 pounds of marijuana

Scuba divers are usually explorers who realize how dangerous the activity is.  So it would seem that you would not want to add to the danger. Well, according to the Sun News, someone added to that danger, and it cost them. The Canadian outlet reports authorities arrested a scuba diver carrying eight pounds of marijuana while attempting to cross the U.S./Canadian border.

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An emotional roller coaster from start to finish, American Drug War 2 follows the unimaginable story of a young boy battling cancer. After surviving brain surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, a 2-year-old boy lay in a coma not eating for over 40 days. His parents are told to make funeral…

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Safraz Ali


I think I’ll begin this review by saying I definitely did not have high expectations for this album at all and truth be told, I wasn’t going to plan on giving it a go until I saw the features which included high profile names such as Justin Timberlake, The Weeknd, Trey Songz, Chris Brown and more. These are four of my top five RNB artists (if you’re curious the other is Miguel) so I had to give this album a go and let me start by saying that this album isn’t on par with Born Sinner or even Hall of Fame but it is a decent album with a few 5* tracks, easily worth the ten dollars or pounds you’d pay.

This review won’t be as in depth as the Hall of Fame review because I actually can’t go in depth about each track due to the pure fact that…

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When you are making your mind up to buy cannabis seeds you should always choose the best source of cannabis seeds. It is one of the crucial decisions a grower has to take. It is necessary for you to know that good growing conditions are very important to grow a crop to reach its full potential. The potential of the seed is that part by which the genetic makeup of the plants you want to grow is find out.The basis of a successful and effective marijuana crop is the genes controlled in selected breed of the cannabis seeds. The Seed Bank is the one preserve a unique and wide collection of marijuana genotypes. The seed bank also makes possible that best cannabis seed-strains are available to everyone so that they are able to buy cannabis seeds.

Auto flowering seeds:  An auto flowering seeds offer a simple…

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Welcome to my medical world!

Marijuana, grass, Mary Jane and weed all are inhibited from Cannabis sativa or the Indian hemp plant. Due to containing an element called tetrahydrocannabinol, this plant is used as an illegal drug all over the world. It is chopped in small sizes, dried and rolled in cigarette like tobacco and smoked. The intake of this drug has widespread and there are many long term effects of smoking weed.

Weed has more than 400 different chemicals and most of these are tetrahydrocannabinol related, so, they directly affect your brain cannabinoid receptors. Smoking weed creates euphoria and even though it is severely harmful injurious to your health 90 million people are addicted to it of who more than fifty percent is under aged.

Like smoking tobacco, smoking weed also create lungs cancer and other chronic respiratory diseases. Through lowering immunity of lungs cells and emphysema can increase the risk of lungs…

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Watts Up With That?

While pro-warming political pundits like to demonize climate skeptic research by comparing it to that of tobacco company research and marketing, it seems there is a parallel between the story of global warming and marijuana demonization. This story is about the parallels in research, and does not represent any position on drug use by WUWT – Anthony

Guest Essay by Dr. Robert G. Brown, Duke University (elevated from a comment)

Judith Curry’s remarks [Scientists and motivated reasoning], as usual, are dead on the money.

Here’s an almost perfectly analogous problem: CNN recently completely reversed its editorial policy and now calls for the legalization of Marijuana. Sanjay Gupta, its “resident physician editorialist”, who had previously somewhat vigorously led this opposition from the scientific point of view completely reversed his own position, and explained why in considerable detail both in text and in online video.

Historically, marijuana was both

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An Ohio man having bought what he thought was an empty gun safe in which he intended housing his collection of rifles and shotguns discovered 285lbs of marijuana stashed inside it. Being the good citizen that he was, the gentleman contacted the po-lice. The annonymous Sidney resident paid $1,700 for the gun safe, which weighs nearly 1,000lbs and stands at more than 5 feet high.

Shelby County Sheriff John Lehart said that  he got a call from a local resident June 19 reporting that he found the neatly packed drugs inside the vault that he had ordered. The Champion Trophy 42 model gun safe, although sold by Champion Safe Company, based in Provo, Utah, was in fact manufactured by prison inmates in Nogales, Mexico.

According to investigators, the 10 tightly packed bales of pot with an estimated  street value of more than $420,000 were laced in the safe somewhere between Mexico and Shelby. The Drug Enforcement Administration and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation are…

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Anewwe's Eudaimonia Channel

Marijuana does what?

In response to a certain banned advertisement at a NASCAR rally, the DEA responds and claims that cannabis has the potential of being just as harmful as booze.

Do we even have to continue this debate?
DEA, what a bunch of trained monkeys.
What a waste of bananas.

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UMR polled 1,000 NZers on cannabis and synthetic cannabis:

  • SHOULD BE LEGAL: 14% for marijuana, 12% for synthetic cannabis
  • DECRIMINALISE: 46% for marijuana, 38% for synthetic cannabis
  • SHOULD BE ILLEGAL: 35% of marijuana, 47% for synthetic cannabis

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Sunshine's Snapshots


Marijuana, Ganja, Mary Jane, whatever you call it.  That is the subject of today’s blog.  I skimmed a blog today.  It was about why this guy would NEVER vote to make the sell of Marijuana legal.  He’s entitled to his opinion, so I won’t comment on his blog, but it did make me think.

In the state of Colorado, the sell of Marijuana is technically legal.  Technically you can sell it, won’t get arrested, by locals, for possessing it, no worries right?  However, even though it is indeed legal for sell and distribution for reasons other than medical in the state of Colorado, the DEA says it is indeed not legal.  If they pick you up for distribution, best believe it won’t be a slap on the wrist.

Federally marijuana is very illegal.  Fail your drug test as a member of the military because you decided to have your very…

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Cannafestnajveći europski hemp sajam!

Organizirani prijevoz –

Po prvi puta doživite sve vezano uz cannabis na jednom mjestu. U 3 dana za samo 15 eura možete vidjeti isto za što u Amsterdamu plaćate 260€ !? Sve je tu i svi najbitniji proizvođači su tu! Da bude bolje, sve je u Pragu – jednom od najboljih gradova za party!

CANNAFEST je NAJVEĆI europski sajam konoplje koji se po četvrti puta održava u Pragu, na praškom sajmištvu Holesovice, u zimskom terminu 8.-10.11.2013. Prag, kao po nama jednostavno jedan od najboljih i najliberalnijih svjetskih gradova za tulume, tako ima i svoju posebnu weed/hemp ponudu najboljih europskih i svjetskih proizvođača opreme i proizvoda od cannabisa.

Cannafest se sastoji od 3 osnovna segmenta: sajma, konferencije i zabavnih popratnih sadržaja. Ponuda izlagača i sajma dijeli se unutar 6 glavnih kategorija: prirodni resursi ( tekstil, kozmetika, hrana, građevinski materijal..), uzgoj ( sjeme, tehnologija, gnojiva, supstrati, zaštita…

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