So one time i called my boy saying i was coming over for the day, when he informed me that he had a suprise for me. I love his suprises and i was excitd when i made my way over. After huging an catching up, i asked what the suprise is. He wouldnt give me even a hint. All he said ill roll up and well smoke it on the way. He usualy dont even get out of the couch when i come over and dragging him out clubing is usually a mission, so i got evenmore excited. As we walked and smoked i tried to get hints from him about what the suprise was. I did not realise it was actually a where not a is. He would not even give methe smallest clue. So i was in total shock when i walked into the store.

It was the biggest and bestest candy store in england. And the combination of the shock and he colors and the smell made the place even more amazing. This was a recipie for disaster. All the sweets i couldnt get avalible in shops in the uk, where displayed here in all their glory.

Reecces pieces, jolly ranchers, pop tarts, red skittles, purple skittles, green skittles, purple m’nms, nerds, purple Oreos, red Oreos, mountain dew, basically everything.

The munchies kicked in and we went absolutely crazy. The best part, and i forgot to mention, was we were celebrating 420, and we were already pretty baked. But we each got a basket full of priceless sweets we would not be able to get anywhere else and headed to the check out.

Prices were good and we all left pretty content and very happy. We went back to my boys house to enjoy enjoy our surprise together, and to make sure we celebrated 420 in style.

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