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Stateside Candy Movie

So i ended up going back and this time i took a video. I hope you enjoy:

Enjoy but keep an eye out for the fall:

The Olympic Torch

Enjoying our own Olympic Torch (while the closing ceremony was playing in the background).

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I met a guy who rolled a joint for me 3 finger style, pics included. Enjoy

Striper Roll

So let me tell you the most emotional roll story ever. So one time i was walking around central London, near Tottenham court road towards Leicester sq. when i saw these two girls talking about weed. So i asked them if they wanted to smoke, knowing i needed company as its never good to smoke alone when there is the option of having company, plus i couldn’t be bothered to roll. So they said yes and i said on condition that they roll.

So we found a quite place, and one of the girls started to prepare for the roll. I got a bit of the weed and out it in the grinder saving myself loads, amd grindeded it. She was preparing the chip and roach, i handed her a sheet form my slilver rilzza pack. Then i told her to hold out the prepared sheet to pour the weed from the grinder. As i poured into the rizla, a bit fell on the floor but i thought to myself, allow it.

So thats when she decided she didnt want to roll anymore. So her friend took over. First thing she did is dropmthe whole,thing on the floor. I was thinkin my myself, really now. Thank i didnt have to worry, as they go on the floor and literally picked up the whole thing, and then decided to let the first gurl roll.

I was like ohh thank god. But u know what the say, bad luck happens in suprts. So she started rolling then sumhow managed to rip thr paper up and then placed the blame on my silver rizla. She then dug in her giant hand bag and managed to find sum blue skins.

And then we finnaly managed to get a roll. Or what was left of the stuff.

Man Utd The Experiment

So as you can tell by my previous post I am a big united fan. And i dont even have to tell u which united that is, you already know. And not just from the title either.

Anyways, so i decided to do something different. For many reasons i have never bet before. But i decided to try a little experiment. Its not betting if you know your going to win, is what my good firends always tell me. So i know im going to win, so im not really betting. So what is the experiment, let me tell you. After every match i am going to place a £1 bet on united to win the league at william hill. Obviously the odds are going to change, so i will place £38 on united to win with each pound having a different odd, and when i win, i will donate all the money to charity.

TWSS anybody?

That’s what she Said aka TWSS

I’m on a boat mother fucker don’t u ever forget!

After a long ass day,  doing a double shift at work, my friends idea of a suprise awaited me, enjoy, i sure did:

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So i finally lost my cherry bong. Or is it bong cherry. It happened in the most bizarre and randomly unexpected way. But thats the story of my life.

So i had just picked up, and was waking my way to my friends house. I got to this massive four lane high way. I went under the under pass, and when i got to the other side, i looked back and i s aw in the middle of the road was a memorial with a bit of greenery and a few benches. At that moment, the lights switched red and a cop car pulled. I had made up my mind. I crossed the road infront of the cop car, and made my way the memorial. Jumped over and went towards the bench. At that moment something caught my eye. A bright green color. Fluorescent green. I looked closer and it turned out to be a large bong. So someone else had the same idea as me. This was a perfect place to sit and roll a spliff to keep me company till i reached my friends house. But as fate would have it, i had just picked up, found the perfect place. And here was a a bong waiting for me. Obviously nothing people together like weed does, so since i had my own weed he let me use his bong. Damn how little amount of weed u need to get so baked when ur using a bing, haha! So there u go, my first bong experience.

One upon a time two leprechauns and a kingmaker had a pet horse that produced a rare magic potion. The potion was very valuable. The leprechauns were very, very rich and the kingmaker while not rich was very powerful.
The kingmaker wanted to be king above all else, so with the help of the leprechauns he hatched a plan to take control of the castle where he worked. But the kingmaker needing some money tried to take the magic potion for himself. The leprechauns were furious. ”Why would our friend, the kingmaker, do this to us”, they asked at the castle where the kingmaker worked. This made the kingmaker very nervous because though he had many friends at the castle, the leprechauns were making life uncomfortable for everyone.
Dejected and forlorn, the kingmaker took to wandering the hallowed turf of the place known as the Theatre Of Dreams hoping that this wondrous amphitheatre could inspire a solution to the woes that had befallen him. On one such day, his ruminations were suddenly interrupted by a strange hissing sound. Turning, the kingmaker beheld a ghastly creature dressed in a wool coat.
Slithering over, the snake-life creature asked: “Can I be of assistance to you, kingmaker? I am a friend of the moneylenders.”
“Ye can fuck right off outa tha, ye slug thing. I say nay to debt”, replied the Kingmaker politely.
“But I can provide you with something far more valuable than the magic potion. I can make you a King one day. You don’t need the magic potion to own a bit of the great castle.”
“Yae can in yar fucken hole! Yae have no more money than mae, yae cuntish looking thing. Away with yea or I’ll boot yae in yar slimeballs.”
“But you don’t need money today to own a big stake in the future if you use the Power of the Leverage today. You only need to do two things: Continue to do your good work at the castle and, more importantly, you must defend me against the people of the land when they hear of me and the moneylenders. They will be furious and they will try to storm the castle as it is they who will pay the moneylenders while I own the castle. But one day part of that will be yours too.”
“An how can I bae sure to thrust yar spake an how much will be ma steak?”
“I need you and you need me, and for the rest we will use the Power of the Lawyers. I have done this before.”
The kingmaker looked beyond the viper to the great stand as yet unnamed in the mighty Theatre of dreams wondering if………………….

A quote by “annonymous”

The pride of Sudan. The only product that is made in Sudan that Sudanese people are proud of. Bringi is a Sudanese brand that rolls and processes cigarettes. They come 10 in a pack and are literally what makes the whole economy stay afloat. The amount of money spent on these cigarettes is crazy. Everybody smokes them, rich and poor, young and old. They are special requests whenever anyone mentions they are going to Sudan on holiday. They make the perfect gift. The thing that makes these Sudanese ciggarettes so special is the strength of them. They are quite strong, much stronger than Marlborough reds. So once you are used to such a heavy ciggarette such Bringi, nothing else will do.

Bringi cigarettes packs have such a distinct and unique personality you cant help but love them. The packaging is done in such a way that is different to any other pack. The first time i was given a pack of biringi i struggled to open it. Its not like a normal pack of cigarettes where you pull open the top and it revels the contents inside. This pack is made with one box inside the other. You haveto push from the bottom to move the inside box away from the outside box and revel the magical Bringi inside. They only come in one size, and each special and distinct pack houses 10 fags.

Another special thing about the sudanese economy and way of life is that convience is essential. Thats why most shops that sell goods, allow you to buy them as singles or as many as you want for that matter. A single Bringi cigarette cost you 20 sudanese piasters and a whole box would cost you 2 sudanese pounds. Obviously this was a few years ago, and this info is out of date, but with the current rate of inflation rising by the hour, any information i give will quickly go out of date.

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