So today was another interesting day. I met up with my boys at one of their houses for a little jam session. The funny thing is we each had a surprise waiting for the other. When we finally all go settled and opened up the surprises we were all fucking happy. Unknowingly we had each supplied the ingredients of what we decided to christen the supper keefe.

Supper Keeffe Blunt Wrap preparation:

One had brought blunt paper as his surprise. One had been thoughtful enough to have ensured it was his grinder that was used to grind one ounce worth of weed so he could capture all the keeffe so he supplied a blunts worth. The third had the good fortune to have a bit of the apparently best hash in the world, brought from India, made by kids running around naked in a cannabis crop to collect the pollen which is then rubbed off their bodies and collected, known as Charreesse (don’t know the spelling) Hash. So we then proceeded to roll all of our surprises together and we ended up with nice looking blunt wrap.

Finished result:

Rollers rights dictated the roller sparked up, and announced it was a three bun pass. So the roller took his lighter and lit up. After his second toke he started coughing up, and all we could do was burst out laghing. He then passed it to my other friend who started coughing after the first toke. He took another hit and passed me the joint. I hit it once inhaled deeply, then took another hit and started coughing. We have never coughed so much, and just sat there made fun of each other saying things like virgin lungs and were just chatting shit. That was a pretty strong smoke.

We were just lucky we think about the other when where out and about and are generous and thoughtful and think of getting each surprises.